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The Profiles Project: Musician, Activist, and Model Rachel Romu

The Profiles Project: Musician, Activist, and Model Rachel Romu

Meet Musician/Activist/Model Rachel Romu Born and raised in Thunder Bay, ON. Romu grew up in a home packed full with instruments and surrounded by the ambiance of the Boreal North. They've been playing music since the age of 3, emulating their older brother when he’d leave the piano bench. As a self-described “Subtle Agitator”, they seek to bring visibility to individuals with disabilities everywhere. Using music, not only as a creative outlet and career path but also as a platform for representation within the music industry. Their fervor fizzled in their late teens as they underwent multiple surgeries for a spinal tumor and complications with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. After recovering, Rachel Romu took to the world of fashion with Plutino Models, pushing for the inclusion of disabled people in the industry. Debuting with designer Hayley Elasesser, Romu was the first mobility aid user to be a part of Toronto Fashion Week. Recently, Rachel has spoken out about the needs of disabled people during the 2020 pandemic and the neglect that the Ontario provincial government has shown towards these issues. They’ve sought to do the same with the music industry as a performer, producer, and accessibility consultant for numerous events and festivals. Their message to everyone: “We, disabled people, are more than fucking parking spaces. Acknowledge us, accommodate for us.” Check them out on instagram @rachelromu
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